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Greenhouse Leadership Conference: The APEST Priority

The Greenhouse Leadership Conference (GLC) is where hundreds of leaders across multiple cities and campuses converge at our Northwest Campus location in Gainesville, FL for a weekend of inspiration, encouragement, and equipping to do the work of the ministry.

The APEST Priority is the thematic focus for GLC 2017.   We firmly believe that an integral piece of a radically effective church’s DNA lies in the ability to ignite and release the APEST giftings that are laid out in Ephesians 4: apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers.  We want every leader who comes to GLC to be aware of, equipped in, and released to maximize their leadership potential with the unique APEST giftings the Lord has given them! 

Join us as we dive into what it looks like to flow and function in your APEST calling and gifting and how that can ignite your microchurch or ministry!

(New to the idea of APEST?  Click here for a brief description and breakdown of the each APEST giftings)


This year, we are going to be having 4 pre-conference tracks for those who desire to dig deeper into specific areas of leadership, discipleship, raising a child while still being a disciple, and wholeness. 

The pre-conference tracks cost $15 and include dinner on the NW campus.  This way, you can have a meal ready for you and can debrief with the other pre-conference attendees before the main conference begins.  Dinner will be ready for you at 5:30pm in Auditorium A.

Note: You are required to sign up for the pre-conference track that
you would like to attend when you register for the conference through Eventbrite.

Pre-Conference sessions are 3 hours in length. They are on Friday, August 25th from 2-5pm before the main conference begins.




Robbie Johnson, Mike Patz

Everything rises and falls on leadership. The church, the microchurch, the ministry, the business, the home, the classroom, the city, the nation. Every organism, over time, displays the characteristics of its leader. This is challenging for everyone involved in leadership. The good news? Leaders are not born, they are developed. This pre-conference session will be geared to help every leader assess their strengths, weaknesses, growth potential and receive tools on how to become the Christ centered leader He envisions. 


Join Mike and Robbie as we unpack leadership. For 3 hours. We cant wait!


Matt Ulrich, Czar Derequito

Can you confidently say, “Follow me as I follow Christ”?  Do you know what making a disciple actually means or what it looks like?  Do you know how to not only raise up disciples but other disciple-makers?  Join Matt and Czar as they break down the vision and very practical steps of how to make disciples in your specific season and context.  You will leave with a strategic plan for discipleship in your life that you can implement immediately!

This pre-conference session will give you the practical tools and vision you need to:

  • Reorient your everyday life, regardless of your season or vocation, around discipleship to its fullest extent.
  • Custom craft your skills and abilities to be fully maximized to be the disciple maker you have always wanted to be
  • Understand why discipleship is so radically important for every believer and how to communicate this effectively



Julie Pagan, Renee Handtke

Join Renee and Julie as they walk you through prayer that will lead to deep inner healing, freedom and deliverance!
Wholeness demands freedom! Why do I do what I do? Why do I think as I do? When and where did I learn the things that bind me?

During this session you will get to personally experience this type of inner healing prayer for yourself.  You will also become equipped in:"

  • *Discerning the roots of any belief system that would hinder your walk with God and how to pray!
  • *Understanding the grace and freedom the Lord has made available to you and others you would pray for!
  • *How to identify any strongholds that keep you stuck and how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to freedom!


Ruth Patz, Alicia Pfahler

I think the task of parenting is both a privilege and responsibility.  This awesome reality can quickly feel overwhelming in that God entrusts these helpless little image-bearers to us.

Whether parenting biological children, adopted children or foster children, we as parents experience great joys and hardships as we navigate the ins and outs of child rearing. If you are like me, I know we often question numerous parenting decisions we must make daily.

How does God expect us to handle this profound responsibility?  What does healthy parenting look like? How do I have time? Can I do this and still be a strong disciple?

It is our prayer that this pre-conference session will help us move forward with the task of

  • Connection with Jesus
  • Connection with our spouses
  • Connection with our children
Raising Family.jpg