Session 1 Breakouts

Silence, Solitude, and Prayer

Ruth Patz

We need a conscious and intentional plan to keep God at the center of everything we do. Silence, Solitude and Prayer provide an intentional framework for swimming against such strong current of our culture which never wants to stop. First, with Solitude, we will explore what it means for us to flee from the world. Second, with Silence, we will explore how it is an indispensable discipline in the spiritual life. Silence is Solitude practiced in action. Finally, with prayer, I want to challenge you with the call to pray always.

Leading for the Long Haul

Brooke Bauzon

We all desire to become the leader God created us to be. But how do we stay the leader God created us to be? How do we avoid being the leader on auto-pilot? As we pursue a long devotion in the same direction we must continue to love as we did at first. But this daily grind requires his daily grace. In the session you’ll receive essential principals leaders need to stay in the game.

Reaching and Ministering to Refugees in America

Kurt Rosenhauer

The current cultural landscape of America has brought many different people groups to our backyard! In this teaching we will be learning how we can reach and make disciples of all nations, even if we are living here in the United States. Jesus gave us the responsibility of reaching the nations, so let’s figure out how we can make this more apart of our daily lives.

Faith Fueled Prayers

Robert and Karina Valdez

Prayer is not a formula. There are many principles of prayer. However, the underlying SECRET to Faith-Filled Prayer has never changed. Find out what this is and how to cultivate it!

To Lead is to Grow

Robbie Johnson

Everything rises and falls on leadership. We long to fulfill the leadership assignment God has given us. A small pivot can make a huge difference. This breakout provides the necessary tools to grow into the leader God designed you to be.


Becoming a Spiritual Revolutionary - The Connection Between Risk and Faith

Franco Gennaro

This workshop will continue our pre-conference empowerment of true spiritual revolutionaries and world-changers! In part 3 you will discover the connection between being a risk-taker and true biblical faith! Come and learn how to develop in Christ a strong spirit of faith to move mountains, conquer kingdoms, defeat demons, and be a God-gladiator as a leader!

Making God the Object of your Affection

Jorge Munoz

No discipline, regardless of how strong your will power, will ever be more powerful or motivating than your love. Discipleship has to be more than just a mentorship checklist of things to do; it has to be rooted and grounded in love. In this session you will learn to fix your gaze on Jesus while encouraging others to follow along in the journey.

Session 2 Breakouts

Discerning and Hearing God’s Voice

Eric Dinius

We all want to hear the voice of God, but Hebrews 5:14 says that this comes to those who by constant use have trained in the area of discernment. Come hear how to effectively hear the voice of God and increase your capacity to do so.


Just Jesus

Maru Opabola

In an age of polarization that even reaches within the church, this breakout speaks to how believers can unite to do Spirit-led justice in a world that can’t even agree on the definition of the Word.



Churches and organizations worldwide recognize innovation as the most significant training need for their leaders as they engage the constant challenges faced in both ministry and non-ministry environments. God created us in His image and our minds have been wired to create and innovate! Through this workshop you will gain valuable knowledge and gain practical tools to enhance your vision of discipleship through innovation!


Communicate or Die

Jon Lash

Many effective leaders kill their ministry through ineffective communication. Learn how to better leverage your influence and communication to equip, mobilize and launch disciples and disciple-makers to change the world!


Discipling Children

Samara Godshalk

Whether in the home, church, or the world, children need Jesus now. In this session we will discuss ways to come alongside children to usher them into their destiny to hear the voice of God, experience His presence, discover their gifts, and move in signs and wonders.


Go, Send or Disobey

Andrea Levings

Every disciple has a vital role to play in finishing the great commission by planting the church among the forty percent of the world living without access to the gospel. This breakout will address both big and small shifts every individual and family can make so with their help, all can hear the truth of Jesus.


Relational Discipleship

Troy Dinsdale

God calls us to make disciples on a personal level, and Jesus certainly exemplified this well. Let's find out what relational discipleship looks like, and how to apply it to the way we do discipleship!

Session 3 Breakouts

Shepherding the Soul Through Inner Healing

Julie Pagan

Inner Healing Prayer is a way to invite the Spirit of Christ to minister to the inner parts of our person that have been damaged. The key to benefiting from this process is opening our mind and heart to Jesus to allow Him to enter to minister with His grace and truth.


Going Beyond You: Bringing out the Best in People

Mike Lane

It’s been said that “the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” Have you ever wondered how certain leaders seem to pull out the best in those around them? Learn the secrets to developing the hidden talent that’s sitting on your teams or in your microchurches. Challenge your teams to become Disciple-Making Leaders!


Discipling the Pre-Believer

Danely Martinez

Discipling someone doesn't just begin after a person gives their lives to Christ, but with by the power of the Holy Spirit and intentionality discipleship can actually start much earlier and eventually lead the person that is far from God into a relationship with Jesus! Come explore how we can actually disciple the pre-believer!


Leadership Lessons from 50 Years of Ministry

Dave Matheny

50 years in ministry has given me a lot of experience and insights into leadership. In this session, I will share what I would have loved to know when I was starting out in ministry and share practical insights into how to lead well and finish strong. 


Prophetic Insight

Renee Handtke

We live in a time where the anointing of the Holy Spirit equips us with prophetic insight to see beyond the cultural tensions and spiritual strongholds to release God's truth, move people towards wholeness and implement viable solutions.  We want to be anointed believers on a prophetic mission that requires faith in action.


Avoiding Missional Burnout

Erik Stephen and Wendy Roche

We are all called to live on mission. But what do you do when your passion runs dry? Many of us can fight for a cause, but what happens when the cause fights us? Whether your heart is for missions locally or globally, learn how to sustain your passion for your calling. This session will help create healthy rhythms to endure the challenges of living on mission.

Breaking Free - How To Lead Others Into Sexual Purity

Jason Dressel

This session will discuss practical steps to lead yourself or others into healing and freedom in regard to sexual sin.