Faqs 4.png

  1. Are meals provided?
    On Friday night, we will have dinner exclusively for those who signed up for the preconference sessions from 2-5pm.  In order to receive dinner on Friday night, you must RSVP and pay for this in advance when you sign up for the conference.

    Saturday morning, we will have a very light continental breakfast and lunch Saturday afternoon.
  2. Is childcare provided?
    Yes!  Childcare is provided, but we need to know in advance if you need us to provide childcare for your children.  You can let us know when you register.
  3. Are meals provided for the kids in childcare?
    Kids are welcome to eat the continental breakfast and will be provided lunch as well if they are being watched in childcare.  (Note: The continental breakfast is by no means a full breakfast meal.  If your child is used to eating a hearty breakfast, it will probably be beneficial for them to eat a good breakfast before they come.)

  4. What does the conference cost?
    The cost of the conference is:
    $25  Early registration per person BEFORE Aug 13th
    $30  Regular registration per person AFTER Aug 13th.

    Registration prior to Aug. 17th guarantees all conference resources and t-shirt
    $35 Late registration per person if you sign up the day of, Aug 25th.
  5. What if I can only come Friday or Saturday?
    You are more than welcome to join us even if you can only come one of the two days.  The cost will be $20 if you can only come one day since resources, food and childcare have already been purchased. Also, please indicate on registration what day you will be attending.
  6. What if I am a part of two ministries?  Which ministry breakout do I go to?
    We have two campus/ministry specific breakouts in the afternoon (click here to see the conference schedule).  The 1:00pm breakout will be a campus breakout.  So whatever Greenhouse campus you regularly attend, you will attend that campus breakout.  The only exceptions would be those who serve in SWEAT, WAVE, or our Tech ministry. 

    If you do not attend Greenhouse, then you would join the Northwest Campus breakout.

    The second afternoon breakout that begins at 2:00pm will be ministry specific, so you would go to whatever ministry you are a part of (worship, tech, sprouts, etc.)  If you do not attend Greenhouse or are not currently serving in a ministry, you would attend the microchurch breakout.
  7. What if I am not a part of any ministry/leadership?  Can I still come?
    Yes!  You are more than welcome to come check us out.  As mentioned above, you would attend the northwest campus breakout at 1:00pm and the microchurch breakout at 2pm.
  8. Can I invite my friend to the conference?

    If they have a heart for leadership in the local church, then we would love for them to join us. We just ask that they register for the conference same as our Greenhouse leaders.

  9. Can I bring my church if I don’t attend Greenhouse?
    Yes, we welcome other churches to come and check out the GLC.  Please get in touch with Pastor Matt at mulrich@greenhousechurch.org to let us know who you are, where you are coming from, and how many from your church you are expecting to come.